Marks emerge in concert

CCRI Music, movement and mark-making workshop

The walls and floors are covered in paper and plastic in half of a ‘L’ shaped room. But before entering this alien environment, everyone is led in a meditation to connect to our body/ies. Then, music enlivens – moves us into the space, into the room, into our physicality and into the experience. 

Sitting, now in silence, a crayon in hand, we think about its colourful materiality.  Sensing the crayon with Amanda Baggs, Erin Manning, and Jane Bennet.  Ideas of using the power of the erotic by Audre Lorde take us deeper into noticing the sensuality of materials – art and our bodies.

In the paper space, before marking its noisy whiteness, we sit or stand and feel the texture and weighted-ness of the paper.  The paper against the wall, against the floor, the spaces between, taut or wrinkled.  Then with small movements, feeling the relation between the crayon, paper, fingers, hands, body, each other, the room, the traffic on the street outside, the old buildings of Edinburgh out the windows, we start to mark the paper.  Small, hard, gentle, tapping, pushing, resisting, flowing, whispering.  Marks emerge in concert.

Music intertwines in this dance, before paint and its specific viscosity, is moved, by hand, paint brush, roller, implement.  Movement across the space and swirling with the music and bodies, the room is alive.

Bjork – Bigtime Sensuality – we dance, jump, move like paint on the page. Vibrant, exuberant. 

Afterwards, with tea and awe we contemplate. Transformed, awakened, re-enlivened. We hear voices of openness, movement, change, collective, not just about the images that have emerged, but identities, selves and relationships, ‘assemblages’ maybe.  

People start leaving the room slowly, as if it is not easy to leave the vibrancy. As if it not easy to leave this ‘thing’ we have created. This space we have transformed with intricate intra-actions.

We stay and wait for the paint to dry. Then we roll gently, slowly, the papers marked with the movements that the music invited.  

Deep felt thanks to the participants for creating this event.   And thank you so much to Tess Wyatt for helping set up and clean up.

Gabriel and Susan

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